Robin Detmer, MPT

I believe in the healing potential of our bodies and souls. I have a broad range of tools and skills from over two decades of experience as a physical therapist.  As a practitioner, I hold sacred space for your healing and transformation. I believe in each of our highest potentials and help you move toward that potential. My goal is to help bring you into better alignment: physically more comfortable and aligned; spiritually and emotionally more grounded and peaceful.

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Dear Clients and Friends, 

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I am a holistic manual physical therapist, intuitive healer, and co-author of The Open Book, A Family Memoir of Adventure, Trauma, and Resilience. 

I also teach Body Awareness classes (breath, strengthening, stretching and mindfulness for an hour each week on Zoom) and lead groups, including a spiritual, non-religious group called Seekers. Ask me for more information.

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I am currently scheduling clients for in-person visits at my clinic in South Eugene and Zoom sessions for those who prefer that or are outside my area. I am available to visit clients in their home.

Sessions can be scheduled for 60-90 minutes and may include any combination of: evaluation/reassessment; myofascial work, massage, trigger point release & joint mobilization; exercises, core work & balance training; an easy to follow home program; energy work (similar to Reiki); kinesio-taping; mindfulness, meditation & breathing; education around issues such as sleep, nutrition, stress reduction, modifications to decrease strain on body; and tools to set yourself on journey toward your highest potential.

To schedule a session, please call or text 541-654-7206   or email

No doctor referral is needed to see me.

I practice direct access, cash based care. I accept cash, check, credit, HSA and Venmo payments but do not bill insurance. I keep my overhead low and rates affordable so that access to high quality care is accessible to everyone. My rate is $125/ hour.

Regarding COVID protocols: I am vaccinated, an air purifier will be running at all times; I change linens and wipe down all surfaces between clients; it’s your choice to mask and I mask when working in close proximity to your head.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I offer weekly Body Awareness classes via Zoom.  Current time is Mondays 10:00- 11:00 AM. Classes include meditation, stretching, core strengthening and alignment training with a big dose of slowing down and being mindful of your body and breath. Email or text me to join live or check out my YouTube channel for recordings.


Robin’s Mission

My mission is to partner with clients to make positive lasting changes to their overall health and well-being.

I do this by listening and observing closely and then designing treatments with a broad holistic view of the body and person as a whole.

I strive to make rapid and lasting changes primarily through body work, education and exercises for better alignment.

How often you are seen will depend on your needs and desires. Sometimes I need to see someone only once. Sometimes 1-2x/ week for several weeks. Some clients come in regularly for body work for maintenance.

Your plan of care will be tailored to your needs and desires, not what a doctor or insurance dictates. I do a lot more hands on body work than most PT’s and offer a five time body work series that makes dramatic changes for people’s alignment and comfort in their body.

My favorite things to help with are:

  • -prevention of pain before it starts through alignment work and strengthening of key stabilizing muscles
  • -shoulder pain including “frozen shoulder”
  • -neck or back pain
  • -headache or jaw pain
  • -chronic pain syndromes
  • -hip, SI and knee pain
  • -pain or injury in teen athletes
  • -rehabilitation after stroke

My goals are 

-to provide skilled, compassionate, and effective treatments every visit

-to help clients feel better quickly and learn to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies

-to give hands on treatments and simple home programs so that the client may thrive in a more pain free and functional state



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Robin has all 5 star reviews on Google!

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“Robin has magical hands in a deep intuitive knowledge of healing. Her ability to see the body holistically, considering alignment, movement patterns and tissue states gives her a unique and deep understanding of your body and why you are hurting. Robin goes after the root cause of pain or discomfort.”


“Robin is by far the most comprehensive PT I have ever had. Her level of knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to rehab and body work is vast. She helped me work through two very painful frozen shoulders. Now she regularly treats my MIL who has dementia. MIL has a lot of complex things going on and her level of comprehension is sometimes low. Robin is patient and has been creative with exercises and created a video for MIL to do at home. This is one of the highlights of MIL’s week. Robin is thoughtful and kind and so knowledgeable. Can’t say enough good things. —If you are rehabbing a sports injury or just want to maintain your balance while you age, Robin would be my absolute go-to recommendation.”


“I had a sore left shoulder with limited Range of motion and pain with certain movements for 7 months. Finally I went to see Robin and she expertly manipulated, massaged and mobilized the shoulder. The treatment didn’t hurt and she gave me advice about what to do on my own. It felt better when I left and I never did get in for a follow up treatment like I intended to. It has been 5 months and I have no more issues with my shoulder! I was impressed and would definitely recommend Robin. She is intuitive and has very healing hands!”


“Robin has magical hands, comprehensive knowledge of the body and the ability to keep this 73 year old body moving without pain. I first went to her with severe back pain. At the end of one session the pain was gone. The at-home exercises she gave me has kept the pain away. She made such progress with rang of motion after rotator cuff surgery that my insurance PT suggested I continue seeing her; she was more effective with getting me where I wanted to be than he was. Robin has worked on my knees, too, with great success. And her massages are awesome. When my sister visits from California, She goes to Robin almost straight from the airport, then before she leaves. Robin is my go-to for PT and massage.”


“Robin is very skilled, thoughtful, and compassionate. My alignment is better than ever. The exercises she has given me are definitely worth the effort! Robin uses a combination of massage, physical therapy and shamanic skills seamlessly and effectively. Her Monday morning body awareness class on zoom is a great way to start the week as well.”

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