My name is Robin (she, hers) and in addition to being a Physical Therapist, myofascial body worker, and Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, I am a mother of three beautiful souls, published author, group leader, seeker, and energy intuitive. I love gardening; spending time in nature; connecting deeply to other humans, Spirit and Mother Earth; reading, writing and constantly learning; and evolving toward my most authentic self.

As a practitioner, I hold your highest potential as possible and teach you tools to help move toward this vision. I believe our bodies are wise and wonderful and that with proper love and attention, we have incredible potential for healing, transforming and thriving. My favorite client to work with is ready for change and ready to focus on their alignment and wellness.

I have been working in physical therapy since 2000 and graduated with my Masters degree in PT from California State University, Long Beach in 2005. My husband, kids and I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2010 and found home here. I’ve worked for many different PT clinics with breaks to stay home and raise my babies. I finally started my own cash-pay practice in 2018 to give me the freedom to provide the type of high quality, hands on treatments for which I’m known and the autonomy to treat the whole body as integrated and part of a bigger picture self.

I am a manual therapist with experience treating a wide range of injuries, pain conditions and diagnoses. I work with clients of all ages. I love to help people feel better through body work and also to teach tools of empowerment to use at home. I also love to see people who aren’t in pain YET but feel their body is a little “off”: I do a posture and movement screening to help detect where pain is likely to develop due to faulty alignment or movement patterns, and set up a home program to prevent that future pain.

I also offer a five time myofascial realignment series over 5-10 weeks that is extremely effective and leads to clients exclaiming: “I feel taller!”, “I feel more space and comfort in my body!”, “I feel less pain”, and my favorite, “I feel better than I have in years!”

I use a variety of manual therapies including Mulligan’s “Mobilization with Movement”, soft tissue massage, myofascial re-alignment body work, and gentle joint mobilizations. I also provide specific exercise programs targeted to regain proper alignment and posture, strengthen the core muscles and stabilize joints. I have special training in shamanic energy medicine, food as medicine/ functional nutrition, Myofascial re-alignment, Kinesio-taping, Aquatic PT, balance training/ fall prevention, Therapeutic yoga, the anti-inflammatory lifestyle, sleep and calming the overactive nervous system, and Mulligan Mobilization with Movement.

I believe there is no one right way, but many paths to wellness and that each person is on their own unique journey. My passion is sorting through why someone is not feeling their best and helping them with tools to realign, recenter and thrive. I believe in gentleness and compassion with one’s self and each other: any approach we choose should feel useful and supportive and you will never be shamed if you decide you are not ready for change.

I look at the whole person, as everything is an interconnected web. I assess the structure of your body (joints, muscles, fascia, nerves) and the state of that system (posture, holding patterns, habits, old traumas, scar tissue).  And because our physical form is totally integrated with our mind and spirit, we also consider how lifestyle choices, nutrition, sleep, stress may be affecting your overall health.

I hope to hear from you soon so that we can start working together toward your best and most pain-free self!

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