Body Awareness is a spirit- mind- body fusion class that helps you come home to your body through breath and mindfulness while strengthening, aligning, stretching, and balancing. My strengthening focus is on core muscles that protect and stabilize our bodies. I incorporate exercises from yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy practice with the goal of bringing participants into their best pain-free alignment. I encourage you to slow down and focus inward with compassionate mindfulness and breath during class. Everything should feel good and useful to your body. These are excellent classes to help deal with stress during these difficult times.

Participants experience less stress, better sleep, and improved strength and flexibility with regular attendance!

Classes are offered freely and donations are accepted via Venmo or Square. Thank you!

Robin Detmer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Body Awareness Class
Time: This is a recurring meeting Mondays 10:00-11:00 AM Meeting ID: 649 334 3344
Passcode: Centered


If you are unable to donate, please still feel free to join us! We all benefit from a more grounded, peaceful community.

Here is the link for select previously recorded sessions posted to Robin’s You Tube channel:

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