This is a beautiful, heart wrenching, and heart warming memoir written by Roselle Madrone (Robin’s sister), Robin Detmer, and Kris Dutter (Mom). We published this project in April 2022 and have had wonderful feedback from our readers. (Some reviews shared below)

The Open Book is a powerful true story narrated by three strong women seeking to understand and make meaning of their shared past. In this collective memoir, alternating voices are woven together to provide a unique portrait of one family’s experience from multiple perspectives.

This epic story is beautifully told, heartbreakingly honest, and inspiring. It follows a mother and her two daughters from their family’s origin building an off-grid jungle homestead in Belize, Central America through their return to the United States, the disintegration of their family, and their search for authenticity, meaning, and happiness in their adult lives. The women face many challenges including natural disasters, addiction, and sexual abuse, but ultimately theirs is an uplifting tale of love, resilience, and transformation.

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A life-changing book. How can one write a short review of such a vast and touching book?… You will not be able to put it down. Each chapter leaves you wanting more, because these ladies will write their way straight into your heart. Well done.”

100% recommend this book to anyone who can appreciate a genuine, truthful story about family, love, loss, and healing! It is equal parts heartwarming and heart wrenching. From the moment I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down!”

A story of grace. This story is a must read for anyone that needs words of encouragement about facing life’s trials. Beautifully written and full of raw emotion evoking feelings of pain and joy and everything in between.”

A raw, intimate telling of a remarkable true story. It kept me riveted until the last page, left me deeply moved, and wanting more. Compelling, engaging, both heartbreaking and inspiring. I highly recommend this book.”

This book blew me away! I devoured the text, so curious what would happen next. This story is so unique, yet hums with underlying universal truths that make it relatable to any reader. It depicts strong women surviving and ultimately thriving despite the odds. The story paints vivid depictions of the jungle that made me feel enveloped in another world. Fantastic read.”

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